Deep Tea

DeepTea 7DeepTea is a brand-new concept that reintroduces tea drinking culture into our modern society. In the hustle and bustle of our daily life, how often do we stop to quietly appreciate a cup of tea that we drink almost every single day?

DeepTea was founded to restore tea purity and originality by combining modern agriculture technologies with proven harvesting techniques passed down for generations. To produce tea that is pure and organic, we have adopted an uncompromising stance on the selection of sites for our tea plantation, located in a pristine environment 1500 meters high in the mountains, totally free from industrial and human pollution. With the freshest elements of water, soil and air, along with organic fertilizers, DeepTea-4117 we nurture the environment to produce leaves of the highest quality. Our tea is 100% free from chemical pesticides and genetically modified organisms (GMO). We do so to ensure our business objective is permanently aligned to the international standards on environmental protection and to provide our consumers with peace of mind.

Apart from having an ever-growing array of loose leaf varieties, DeepTea also offers seven ready-to-drink bottled drinks (DeepTea 7). Organic ingredients are used for all of our products and they contain no sugar, artificial additives, flavours or colours.